the story sara ramirez

the story sara ramirez

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Here's Sara singing "The Story" from The Grove in Los Angeles today. This is the 2nd take of the song . Joined by Michael Pemberton on guitar, Ramirez sings of opportunity, wisdom and the highs and lows of life . This one song justified the entire Grey's musical episode. If they literally only did it to let Sara sing this song . Sara Ramirez from "Grey's Anatomy" sang "The Story" at the Grove this afternoon. Sorry for the crap . Sara Ramirez singing "The Story" at the Grey's Anatomy concert to benefit the Actors Fund Sunday, March . Aller à Sara Ramirez version - About four years later, a version of the song has been recorded by Grey's Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez and was first . Sara Ramírez est une actrice mexicaine de télévision, de cinéma et de théâtre née le 31 août. US ,, CAN ,, IRL ,.


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